Connect two VESC via CAN Bus

Vedders VESC allows the connection of multiple devices via CAN bus. You can control one (master) VESC via PPM/ADC or nunchuk and let the other (slave) VESC follow the master’s commands. You can use this for a vehicle with two or more motors to have 4wd or whatever you like. The software also allows a basic traction control feature in which it will detect the lowest spinning motor and ajust the other to match that speed.

To connect multiple VESC via CAN bus, follow this Howto.

Electrical connection

Connect the CANL and CANH of the CANBUS connector from the master with the slave VESC. Do not connect GND or +5V.


Make sure your battery cables are thick enough. Connect battery negative from each VESC together at one point.


Software configuration

After you made the electrical connections, we need to make sure the CAN bus is working. To do so, apply power to your slave VESC and connect through BLDC Tool.

Slave configuration

The Slave VESC needs the following configurations:

  • No app
  • „Send status over CAN“
  • Controller ID (lets say slave is 1 and master is 0, configure other slaves with 2,3,4,…)


Of course you need to do your normal motor configuration:

  • Motor Type
  • Current Limits
  • Voltage Limits
  • BLDC detection / FOC detection & configuration

Master configuration

The master VESC needs the following configuration:

  • Your app you want to use (PPM/ADC or Nunchuk)
  • Not „Send status over CAN“
  • Controller ID (we set master to 0)
  • Configure your app to send the control value via CAN

PPM master configuration


ADC master configuration


Nunchuk master configuration



BLDC Tool CAN Forward

If you have set up everything, connect both (or all of your) VESC to your power supply. Connect the master VESC with the BLDC tool and check the realtime data. Then configure a slave CAN ID click on „CAN Fwd“:


Now the BLDC Tool controls your master ESC via USB to forward all further commands to your slave VESC. Now you can see the realtime data of your slave VESC.





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